Sunday, January 24, 2010

Studio Monitor Stands What Recording Equipments Do I Need?

What Recording Equipments do I need? - studio monitor stands

I tried to find answers for about 2 weeks, but I'm not sure what I make, the audio is really good, or just have for the professional qualities of Studio Ultimate.
I want very good quality, but the most extreme, very good.
I had the choice of equipment for the choice of my studio setup:
Audio (sound card interface board of shit, he pulls the audio interface box)
Mic Preamp (people say they are lazy preamp mixer)
Studio Monitor
Cables, Mounts

But that's the problem, I do not know what audio processors such as equalizers, compressors and other things that I need. Idk if I use a headphone amp also need a monitor, signal processing, audio converter.

So please and thank you, what do I need?


ovationl... said...

People will answer your questions, because they are angry. Ask the same week after week, the questions, suggests, if you really ever need help.

You will get different answers over the Internet. It is the Internet. Who can answer your questions, professional or not.

In short, there is still more sound quality. And get no, not the best quality and professional studies without very pleasant and the computer software.

So .....

An audio Inteface a sound card on board. It is simply an interface to an input signal and transmits them to the computer via USB or FireWire.

Mixer - you do not need this if you need capabilites mix. It is primarily for use Live. It is not necessary to adjust the EQ for each channel, or send / receive different signals on different channels, because they can all do this in a recording software.

Microphone Preamplifier - Yes, it is ideal to get one. The preamplifier in a mixer or audio interfacethis noise, not now, at the beginning of the line. But it always depends on your budget.

Studio Monitor - sure, you interfere in these countries do not want to hurt. Headphones can work.

Microphone - Rode, Neumann, Shure and AKG are very popular in school.

Yes EQ, compressors as preamplifier. If you can afford a studio rack configuration and retrieval. Otherwise, you must do the settings in your recording software to do this. They have filters that do this for you.

Even as a representative swore in a music store, so do not trust answers you get on the Yahoo! A.

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