Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hd Cable Tv Can You Hook Up Hd Cable And Direct Tv To A New Hdtv?I Was Told I Would Have To Add Another Cable Line ?

Can you hook up hd cable and Direct tv to a new hdtv?I was told I would have to add another cable line ? - hd cable tv

I bought a Mitzibushi Hd TV.I also equipped with Direct TV and local TV channels.I have seen an HD cable box to have told local television Hd.I times, it can not connect both the TV without the right line.Is addinng cable?


TV guy said...

Direct TV satellite, which already has a set-top box. So, sign the check box to the TV inputs.
Used to connect the HD TV to another TV input (HDMI or component for all HD)
If you have cable without a set-top box directly to RF (ANT / cable) input on your TV.

A/V Truths said...

What you have is an input coaxial cable to the house of his plate and a second coaxial cable from the local cable company. In return, the antenna cable enters the box from DirecTV and local cable company coaxial cable hook in the area of high definition is a "rent it.

All the cables away from home are already available. What we now have to do is to both the DirecTV box and the HD cable box connect your Mitsubushi connection. A TV would be nice, lots of open connections on the back of the management an area of high-definition data provider of satellite and local cable operators are offering.

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