Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hdd Camcorder Can You Recommend A HDD Camcorder That Is Compatible With Macs?

Can you recommend a HDD Camcorder that is compatible with macs? - hdd camcorder

I have to buy a MacBook Pro and wanted a new hard drive, high-def camcorder that is compatible with my computer so that you can download movies and editing them. Can you recommend brands and models I should consider? Thanks


J I H said...

They all are.

cherryl said...

I found a website for the latest movies and on-site assessments comments.That also includes the film live, and I really think the site name could download is too.The. Let me know how it goes with you too.

Rugratzz... said...

What about Mac

Here is a list of cameras, with a Mac # 2

Good luck


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