Friday, January 8, 2010

Frontline Pet Medicine Flea Problem With My Two Cats - Frontline Plus Doesn't Work???

Flea problem with my two cats - Frontline Plus doesn't work??? - frontline pet medicine

I have my cat Frontline Plus two weeks ago and I still have large chips on them, even flea pregnant, my cat if I have the flea comb. The instructions say Frontline works immediately and does not apply to a second treatment for at least a month. It is better in any case the Party? Can the benefit to my cats now or should I wait another two weeks. I have in my first line of cats, two weeks ago. You have said that the false or misleading animal medicine through an online store?


JeN said...

Let's not deceive you, works in the first row. There are still adult fleas and flea eggs in your carpet, furniture and outdoor use. Every bullet has to jump on your cat and then die. If you are still having problems with fleas, I suggest you take your cats for a day on the chip and the bombing of his house and continue to use to keep in the forefront of the flea population to zero.

fieldwor... said...

Personally, I use to Frontline. Some cats respond better to May the advantage that the first line (I suppose it could also flop FLIP).

Mr. Taco said...

None of these products on the counter works well. I recommend going to the vet and bring about a revolution or something from them. It's worth the extra money and also protects against other harmful parasites. Good luck!

jewel said...

This is not at the forefront of my cats. I just went to the nearest Wal-Mart and bought me that says that for once a month. worked. No mark act of attempted if all else fails.

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