Monday, January 4, 2010

Carolina Closets Why Did Bill Clinton Make Racist Comments About The South Carolina Primary (election) And Never Apologize?

Why did Bill Clinton make racist comments about the South Carolina primary (election) and never apologize? - carolina closets

Are you a closet racist? In fact, his remarks were elitist and naricisitic. His refusal, the African American community very offensive beahvioir made against his wife. Obama now has about 91% of support from this group.

This ethnic group is important for the party and was loyal to the Clintons for many years. Therefore, it is having problems.


Dr.John L said...

Because he is a hypocrite who would do anything to win for Hillary elected. It will not work because howevewr Obama

Elway_th... said...

No, of course. The race card has been against Bill and Hillary for their comments, NH, to be played not racist at all, but it's like a pretzel as it seems a substitute for the Obama campaign, and Sharpton and Jesse twisted. Bill would have been wiser to make this comment on Jackson, played right into their hands, and even blown out of proportion. But the conclusion that Obama started the race in NH-play card and have not stopped.

Just Plain American said...

You make it. He said that the NC not mean a victory for Obama in the primaries and not just that this is how it would happen. He was wrong, but not the race. This was the sex of the bat used by Obama: He is turning a comment from someone.

He was wrong, but the blacks managed Thoughout the Obama campaign more than 90%.

It is clear that every state has a primary school, it is obvious that his "schedule is". People see whether there. It remains in the race. For the people get to know Obama. What is wrong with that?

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