Friday, January 29, 2010

How Much Would It Cost To Wood Fence A Small Yard What Are Sacramento's Fence Laws Regarding Damage Done By The Contractor Hired To Fix The Fence?

What are Sacramento's fence laws regarding damage done by the contractor hired to fix the fence? - how much would it cost to wood fence a small yard

It is a rather awkward situation. The next house was locked, and now the bank is for sale. He hired a real estate company to list, and also a contractor for work to do at home. We came home one day and discover that part of the fence between the two courses (along the property line) has been replaced. never let them know about us, they did a job, or ask them to come into our yard. When they were finished, they left a hole 2 meters from the end of the fence, because a corner of the fence on the property had been different. They used wood for fences, unclassified, and took the block from our side, the other smaller part of it. I called the number, the agent on the sign, and went and looked and said, leaving the contractor and resolve them. Well, they have more damage ... and refuse to replace distance to the fence ... Who wish to only cover the hole with plywood. The contractor was 3 times ... each time more and more damage to the existing fence. I had to send a message to GEta stop at our farm and further damage to the fence. icontinuouslyy asked to call and make an appointment to come to and refused. But since the house is to say, the market, sound (including the agent): "Well," .. no ... our problem because they wash their hands after the house is sold.
and new fences, survey, etc. cost more than $ 7000, I, I bring an action before a civil court. And a lawyer is too expensive (and I doubt you could to take this small amount), but no provision of any law near the city of Sacramento, think, or damage to property of an entrepreneur who was terminated.


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The legislation in this field require state contractors to leave the area adjacent buildings in a condition as originally found. You can in any case the contractor. You can also use a lien on the property next door, before the sale, which must be eliminated. Go and tell your bank will place a lien on their property and see if it is not possible to answer them.

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