Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pre Teen Addys Msn How Do You Write A Pre-teen/teen Horror Book Without Being Too Gory?

How do you write a pre-teen/teen horror book without being too gory? - pre teen addys msn

I want a book of short horror stories for teenagers and pre-teens to write (like the spine-tingling series). However, I find it difficult to find a way. Apparently not too bloody, but at the same time, I would like to take the reader.


lordvio said...

I read some thrills and lots of stories you are not at all bloody. Some apartments have a talking doll, a vampire with no teeth, etc.

You can try to) by repetition: Choose a regular thing (eg, Dove and start harm
For example, the girls A Dove af his birthday. She loves, but he died (he ate The Bad Seed, somebody beat the crap out of Cinderella)
The girl is crying, etc., but then again dead pigeon. (Ta-da! I think I broke my nose, laughing). Allan Poe has a few good things on the basis of this method.

Another method:
Issuing their own fears. Example: I have an absurd fear of manholes. I think it would be terrible to lose in a single shaft, and the voices of people on the sidewalk, thin, not to join but ...

You can use the feelings of loneliness, betrayal play, jelousy (which can be achieved with blood), envy. Especially be the last.
Well, now I have my own novel, which is a psychological phenomenon to write, the horror is not the goose bumps ...

Basugaad... said...

Hello, good waffle is back, it's ur available Great

Goose bumps and horror stories contain no bleeding and little talking puppet vampires or imitation simple and repetitive, with the election of a bird or something.

1. Girl characters get, deaf as a birthday present. Cinderella stories, etc.
2. Use the hearts of hallucinations, anxiety, etc., or in ascending order. How far to fly, suspended freely in the air and can handle any task impossible. and high tidal waves, storms, hurricanes, magical powers, etc.
3. UR feelings of loneliness, the loneliness, betrayal, jealousy, frustration, envy and activities or child hood memories of the friendship, fear, etc.
and write on the basis of previous U or horror or psychological disorders or bitter experiences of life .... Ü reduce body weight. and go to this .. Basu.

Arianna said...

an author who is very good in this area with the darkest Kelly Armstrong Powers. If you do not want it very bloody, so you try, you can have your main character too sensitive to see the blood. such as:

"I opened the door, breathless to the races. Without thinking a few steps on my feet, so that spashing slight noise. Fear, opened her eyes, the thought of water, but was surprised when the light is red instead of behind me reflects . I felt dizzy and had to look away, closed his eyes to see differently. "

I wrote it, but can be used if desired. try to keep young people on the edge of their seats, and should not be satisfied with the lack of blood. But that's just my opinion.

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