Friday, January 1, 2010

Badger Basketball Schedule Wisconsin Badger Fans In Madison Are Screwed By Charter?

Wisconsin Badger Fans in Madison are screwed by Charter? - badger basketball schedule

Now I live in the house in Madison, Wisconsin Badgers, Wisaconsin, and I have Charter digital cable, I ESPNEWS, CSTV, FCS (Fox College Sports Central, Atlantic, Pacific) and ESPN U, but what castings, NE Big Ten, This is bullshit! t, because the only people in Madison that you can see this, trans-are large, with Direct TV, and most people in Madison Charter. And here is the Badgers football schedule to the TV.
9/1/07 vs. Washington State ABC
9/8/07 @ UNLV Versus Network (OLN)
9/15/07 vs. The Big Ten Network Citadel
9/22/07 vs. Iowa ABC
9/29/07 vs. Michigan State TBA TV
TV TBA @ Illinois 10/6/07
Pennsylvania State 10/13/07 @ ABC
10/20/07 vs. Northern Illinois TBA TV
10/27/07 vs. Indiana TBA TV
TV 11/3/07 @ Ohio State TBA
11/10/07 vs Michigan, TV TBA
11/17/07 @ Minnesota (The Ax Game) TV TBA
Now, let's The Men's Basketball Schedule
11/4/07 vs. Edgewood TV TBA
11/7/07 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire TV TBA
11.11.07 vs. IPFW TV TBA


Tom C said...

Why are you irritated with your problem? Contact someone who can arrange this for you. Charter Cable Call to find out what your options are. Threat of Class Action and the use of a monopoly on the word "several times. Call the FCC and see what you can do. I'm sure all who read this in print and watching [your refrigerator, as virtually all this country is dying to see the Cup and Wisconsin basketball. I bet you did not take care of Bo Ryan.

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