Friday, January 22, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts Gear I Have A Pair Of Thunder Fight Gear Leather Mixed Martial Arts Gloves. How Do I Clean Them?

I have a pair of Thunder Fight Gear leather mixed martial arts gloves. How do I clean them? - mixed martial arts gear

This musty smell and need to be cleaned, but of course I can not throw them in the washing machine. How do I clean these gloves?


Pac-Man said...

This may help you solve your problem, but every time you are done training, I spray my whole team with Lysol. Never Ever shape odors. As the gloves now, as I soak in hot water and Oxyclean. Simply put water Oxyclean and gloves in a sealed container and let soak for a day. Rinse thoroughly and let dry gloves em. He worked for my team on the head.

dmja 45 said...

Do they have a label that would give such information? Use a detergent soap and water outside, inside spray disinfectant.

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