Sunday, December 6, 2009

Puppies Reflux I Am Concerned About The Pet Food Recall. I Have A Dog Who Has Been Eating Purina Puppy Chow And Its Made By?

I am concerned about the pet food recall. I have a dog who has been eating purina puppy chow and its made by? - puppies reflux

Nestle and some of his wet food was recalled. Our dog has been vomiting a lot, and we have the vet. She said it was acid reflux and told us to give him Pepcid AC. It seems to work and who is not placed there. But I am always afraid that if the trash they found in the canned food is dry. I think they just want change for human consumption, but do not know their right to them. Ideas?


Doug said...

The Purina product that reminds them, I know, is 5.3 ounces Mighty Dog brand pouch produced by Menu Foods, Inc., 3 December 06 and 14 March, 07 is based. But remember, these lists are growing every day. :> (

Consumers may call the company at 1-800-551-7392.

Check my source for a complete list of recalled, links, etc. Updated daily.

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