Sunday, December 6, 2009

Filming With A Monopod Which Is Better For Recording A Student Film, A Tripod Or A Monopod?

Which is better for recording a student film, a tripod or a monopod? - filming with a monopod

Hello, I'm Director / Producer. I started a completely new idea, a teen movie. I have a camera and a compatible TV but I miss above all a place for my camera! My camera is a small video camera and a lot of weight. The film is still soft in places such as grass, dirt and street. There is much movement, but I'm still undecided. Should I have a tripod or monopod? Which is better? Besides, what's the difference? Thank you!


fhotoace said...

You need a fluid head tripod. Monopods are designed for sports and nature photographers with long lenses when photographing subjects.

A monopod will fall, once freed from the camera. You need a tripod to shoot film or video.

Paul R said...

Tripod smooth pans and tilts (Get Manfrotto 501/503 sowing not cheap, but dampened by the soft cushion pad) image platform for tracking shots.

The Beaver for PRESIDENT said...

For video that is on a tripod. The monopod is designed for photography, you can turn, not the video is so.

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