Sunday, December 13, 2009

List Of Intitle I Catcher Console Web Monitor Dawson Creek?

Dawson Creek? - list of intitle i catcher console web monitor

Good for the fans of Dawson Creek (you should not be a loyal fan base, LOL) Answer the following questions (all right), and the first, you get ten points!

1) In the second episode of the season intitle "Sex, wrote:" Couples should list who has had sexual intercourse, and the couple. (Note, there are three pairs)

2) When and where Dawson was "satisfied" with another woman for the first time? (It is to laugh, the scene was funny because if you remember)

3) In the episode that Jack was as gay?

Theme Song 4) for the season one and two of Dawson Creek?

Good luck ... and please do not lie ... Be honest with the answers, because I can not those who believe they give honest, ...


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