Friday, February 19, 2010

No Picture In Powerdvd Picture In Active Movie Window Why The Computer Plays DVDs In Jerky And Shacky Manner?

Why The Computer Plays DVDs in Jerky and shacky manner? - no picture in powerdvd picture in active movie window

80GB HDD, 50% free
256 MB RAM
2.4 GHz Intel
845 GVSR mother
LG Combo Drive

I tried several software as a player, etc. PowerDVD, RealPlayer, but the film plays like a slide show of photos. No knowledge of software work for DVD playback. VCDs good. Clean the DVD.

What is the correct setup, ideas?


jc said...

Perhaps the graphics card can not handle DVD-Video.

Update your video card. If you have a desktop computer, buy the VGA adapter and put it on the motherboard

However, consult a professional before the first addition of hardware in your computer in order to avoid undesirable outcomes.

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