Monday, February 15, 2010

Monta Ellis Herpes Doesn't Anyone Else Think That Monta Ellis Plays The Most Similiar Style Of Play To Jordan In The NBA?

Doesn't anyone else think that Monta Ellis plays the most similiar style of play to Jordan in the NBA? - monta ellis herpes

Monta Ellis is becoming a star in our league, don'tu agree. LeBron and Kobe have mastered a style, with reflections and others, but Monta makes everything easy. Michael has all look too easy.


krazy807 said...

Naw his game is nothing like JS, Iverson, but with a bridge of better quality. Monta Ellis a record for starters, even if it from the bench. His departure is not only how Nellie is giving an offensive spark from the bench. Almost like Ginobili is used in the spurs team.

Chizzan said...

Jordan had also stabilize the game and a great contribution, and Ellis has not.
Ellis is very good and will be great

Corey (Sell Cohan Sell!) said...

Jordan was not Iverson himself. Any person who has received an application backup Ellis ever seen, certainly the kind of work. It is important to get minutes in an NBA team.

In the end said...

Ellis is a good backup, but I've never been a starter on a team. He did not score 30 points, grabbed 4 rebounds to happen with 5 courses, 2 steals and a block from the Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks. It is a good player, but I do not think it plays well both as Jordan. He is a legend and can not be compared with Jordan Monta Ellis

cameron_... said...

You are out of your head. Ellis is at best a backup on a good team, maybe a start for someone like Miami or Seattle. Never a high level in this league! D-Will and CP3 are the upper level next owner, Ellis sings take its place alongside these two.

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